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Defense Attorney with Over 30 Years of Trial Experience

Michael J. Beatrice, P.C.—a former Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor and former Municipal Prosecutor—specializes in criminal and DWI / DUI defense. Since 1982, he has successfully defended people accused of crimes and serious motor vehicle offenses in Bergen County NJ and throughout the New York metropolitan area.

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About Mr. Beatrice

Michael J. Beatrice focuses his practice on criminal defense, DWI / DUI defense, and complex civil lawsuits. He also handles personal injury cases, real estate matters, as well as wills and estate administration after a death in the family.

Committed to winning and getting the best results for his clients, Mr. Beatrice has over 100 jury trials, including homicides, arsons, armed robberies, rapes, kidnapping, vehicular homicides, and possession and distribution of narcotics. In addition, he has represented employee groups and professional associations in negotiating public employment contracts.

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A native of Lodi, New Jersey, Mr. Beatrice has defended the rights and interests of all types of clients facing misdemeanor or felony charges and championed cases for blue-collar workers and white-collar workers alike.

I believe in the sense of justice that our country and our constitution embody. I believe that everybody is entitled to the best defense they can get, and they shouldn’t settle for less.

Michael J. Beatrice

The Benefits

When you choose Michael J. Beatrice as your attorney, you benefit from:

Effective, Aggressive Representation

Mr. Beatrice is frequently consulted by other attorneys on criminal and DWI / DUI cases. He has tried more than 100 criminal cases before a jury. He has what was called by the judge “the fastest ‘Not Guilty’ verdict he had ever seen,” after less than five minutes of deliberation. He has probably tried more DWI / DUI cases than any other attorney in Bergen County as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He is also trained and certificated by the manufacturer of the Alcotest Breath Testing machine. He is among the few attorneys in the State of New Jersey trained in the operation of the same DWI / DUI machines used by law enforcement.

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Mr. Beatrice has traveled throughout New Jersey defending DWI / DUI and criminal cases, and his reputation as a successful defense attorney extends statewide. Your case won’t be handed off to a rookie lawyer; you’ll work directly with Mr. Beatrice himself. This personal relationship is a key reason his clients return for other legal services.

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Comfort Level

Worried about sharing personal information? Mr. Beatrice puts clients at ease and keeps personal info confidential. He isn’t pompous or pretentious; he translates legal jargon into plain English. Mahwah High School students know and love him as their mock trial coach.

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Mr. Beatrice holds a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey and the Supreme and Superior Courts of State of New Jersey. He has appeared in criminal cases in U.S. District Courts in New Jersey, New York and Nevada. Intelligent and tenacious, Mr. Beatrice has earned the respect of trial judges, attorneys, investigators, and clients alike.

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Value Added

Mr. Beatrice will assemble as many professionals as needed to win the case, including medical and psychiatric experts, forensic chemists, physicists, former police officers, and other experts who serve as his investigators.


Contact the Law Office of Michael J. Beatrice, P.C. today to discuss your case. Your initial phone consultation will be with Mr. Beatrice, not anyone else. It is free and strictly confidential.

If you are ever charged with DWI or any other crime and need a good defense attorney,
Michael will fight for you, protect your interests, and protect your rights. He won my case when other lawyers told me to plead guilty because they said I couldn’t win. He’s worth every penny.


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